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Where is Playworking?

Playworking is situated in a quiet village on Lustica Peninsula. Shops, supermarkets restaurants and beaches are all a short walk or cycle away.


We're a 15-minute drive from Tivat and Kotor and 35 minutes from Budva.

Our address is: Đuraševići BB, Đuraševići 85323, Montenegro

Not sure what there is to do in Montenegro? Check out our mini-guide here.


How do I get there?

There are three airports within reach, all with low-cost flights across Europe, and all outside the Schengen zone.


Tivat (TIV), Montenegro

Our local airport, just 15 mins away and we can arrange a ride. Most flights here are high season only, except Russian and local connections.


Dubrovnik (DBV), Croatia

2 hours away. Subject to availability, we can provide a pickup for €85, or you can catch a bus to Kotor for about €20.


Podgorica (TDG), Montenegro​

90 minutes away, subject to availability, we can provide a pick up for €75, or you catch an €8 bus to Kotor (+€10 taxi to the bus station).

Do I need a visa?

You can visit Montenegro visa-free for 30 days if you have an EU Visa (Schengen), UK or US visa, or with a passport issued by almost all countries in the Americas and Europe, plus Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, and Russia.

From countries such as the US, UK and many EU countries this is increased to 90 days.

Otherwise a visa is required from a Montenegrin embassy (or Serbian embassy in many countries, and Croatian in Australia, the USA, and Chile).

The full list of permitted countries can be found on the official website - click here.

How do I get around?

Buses travel frequently between the major towns. The Tivat bus station is 7km/1h15 walking so better to ask us for a pickup! There is buses to Radovici, near us, though it's not frequent or convenient and therefore we offer a ride once per day to Tivat/Kotor. This is arranged ad hoc, a day in advance. 


If you have an EU drivers license or international permit, we can help arrange car hire for you. Rental cars are available at the Tivat or Podgorica Airport, as well as in Kotor.


Our local shops and restaurants are a 15-minute walk down a beautiful country lane. Taking a bike will get you there in 5 minutes.

We often travel to the neighboring towns of Tivat and Kotor so don't stress if you get stuck. There's usually a spare seat for you. Otherwise, taxis can be arranged. Hitch-hiking is also quite common here, but at your own discretion.

More Questions

  • How is the weather in Montenegro?
    Generally, the weather is hot in the summer, dry and warm in the fall, variable with wind, rain and sunny days in the winter and then significantly warmer periods with the same in the spring. Here's a recent, late November day:
  • Do I need a car to get around?
    Not generally but people have rented cars for specific purposes or pooled together to rent a car to have available on demand. Except in high season cars are very reasonable. We offer an irregular daily shuttle service based on demand and also make trips to and from Kotor and Tivat and are able to pick up and drop off during these trips.
  • Can I drink the water in Montenegro?
    Montenegrin tap water is drinkable and tasty. In addition, we have a high-quality water filter and the cartridges are changed regulalry.

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