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Studies have shown that creating a work environment that values and embraces the art of play increases ideation and productivity.
No more waiting until the weekend to have fun. Close your laptop and join us for an adventure in some of Montenegro's most inspiring landscapes.
Whether you start your day with an invigorating cycle down Mt Lovcen or end it with a dazzling sunset SUP, incorporating an element of play in everyday will have a huge impact on your work, and your life.

A place for


We specialize in the art of P L A Y

Introducing Montenegro+ (Epic Outdoor Adventures)

We are guides! In 2011 we founded Montenegro+, an adventure tourism company. Since that time we have introduced Montenegro's wild side to hundreds of visitors, so join us for heart-racing land & water adventure sports all year round.

Need an excuse to step away from your laptop? Here it is. As part of the Playworking community, you'll gain access to discounted prices for all activities. You'll recieve a promo code when you book your stay to use on any of our day tours.

Get away every D A Y

Within minutes you can escape on foot, by bicycle, SUP or kayak. The bay of Tivat and the Lusticia Peninsula offer unlimited opportunities for exploration. With our equipment and your sense of adventure the sky's the limit. We have an inventory of SUPs, kayaks and high quality Giant bikes for use, weather dependent.

And every few days, based on demand, we offer tours to stunning locations around Montenegro.

Check out our Montenegro Mini-Guide here
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